About Us

About Us

Dan Hollingsworth has been repairing Super Cubs years and flying all over the state retrieving and repairing damaged or wrecked aircraft for over 30 years. He is widely known as the expert in all aspects of Cub maintenance, and has developed many innovative modifications to enhance performance and safety of these aircraft. He has accumulated countless hours of cub flight time hunting, fishing and retrieving aircraft in the Anchorage area, Alaska Range, Wrangell Mts., Brooks Range, Western Alaska and Alaska Peninsula. His STOL Super Cub on 35” Bushwheels is able to operate in areas where other pilots may get in trouble.

By specializing in Super Cubs and similar aircraft, Dan’s Aircraft is widely known as the premier Super Cub specialist in Alaska.

Dan’s aircraft Repair, Inc. operates in a 4000 sq. ft hangar on the south side of Merrill Field in Anchorage, AK. We have a staff of about 9, including 5 A&P Mechanics, an I.A., several fabric and paint specialists and office staff.

Dan’s aircraft Repair, Inc. is FAA Certified Repair Station #QXDR022J

Dan's Aircraft Repair Inc.