Alaska Airmen Association

The Alaska Airmen’s Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to promote general aviation in Alaska.” As a 501 c (3), we depend on fundraising to support our programs and help cover our administrative staff costs. Programs include hosting of public meetings and forums, safety programs, membership services, events and communications, scholarship and children’s education.

Since 1999, the Alaska Airmen have successfully raffled a FACTORY NEW aircraft. Past aircraft have been a Cessna 172, Aviat Husky, Top Cub Supercub, a Maule M7 and a PA-18-150 Super Cub with two wheel sets and EDO Model 2000 Straight floats. Each year the raffle selection committee solicited proposals from manufacturers that produced factory new or totally new rebuilt aircraft. In addition there are more exciting prizes listed here. A limited number of tickets are sold. Alaska State Law prohibits selling raffle tickets online. (Alaska Gaming Permit #1343, Federal ID 92-0074966) In order to purchase tickets, please call the Alaska Airmen Association at one of these numbers:

1-907-245-1251 or 1-800-464-7030

The winning ticket is drawn at the Alaska Aviation Conference & Trade Show in May. Tickets often sell out before the drawing, so don’t wait!

Proceeds from this raffle enable the Association to further our mission, ‘to protect, preserve and promote general aviation in Alaska!” through youth outreach, aviation scholarships, advocacy and more.

As a fundraiser, the Alaska Airmen Association depends on donations from businesses in order to produce a great aircraft while trying to maximize their net from the raffle. Your company can help. As a participant, you will be mentioned in all advertising programs both statewide and nationally. Marketing program includes direct marketing campaigns, press releases, display ads, web sites, and auction events. As a non-profit, donations are tax deductible and receive a corporate membership to the Airmen’s Association. Benefits include web site links and “Transponder” advertising discounts.

Call if you have any questions and if you would like to help.

(907) 245-1251

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List of Past Donors

Dan's Aircraft Repair Inc.