Raffle Cub Flight Testing And Some Of The Dan’s Aircraft Crew

April 20, 2011 by

This week Dee and Ed are assigned the job of flight testing and systems checkout of the new ALASKA AIRMEN’S RAFFLE SUPER CUB. Rough Duty….We’ve flown about 5 hours and pretty well worked out all of the little bugs that new rebuilds seem to have. This airplane looks great and flies great. Later this week we will turn it over to the Airmen’s Association and new WIPLINE floats will be installed. On the first of May some lucky ticket holder will own it! If you don’t have a ticket you should get one soon.e.s.



KEVIN, Fabric & Paint Specialist, and LUKE, major airplane enthusiast

ED, A&P Mechanic and electrical/avionics guy

BRIAN, A&P Mechanic and welder/fabricator

DEE, Dan’s office manager, notorious cub pilot and guide

First Flight of N1184C, the airmen’s raffle Cub!

April 14, 2011 by

This afternoon at about 4PM Pilot & Guide Dee Deoudes took off from  MRI in the first flight of  N1184C.   The half hour flight consisted of many touch & go’s and low passes down the center of the runway right in front of DAN’S shop.  A small audience of DAN’S crew and customers were delighted in the excellent performance of the airplane and its distinctive metallic green and gold paint scheme.  A couple of minor squawks will be addressed in the morning and we’ll be off  to get about 8 hours of break-in time logged.  I’ll probably go with Dee for a couple of photo trips and to check out all the electronics and instruments, then a couple of the other builders willget a little air time to check on their work.

Cub pilots and other raffle players are welcome to drop by DAN’S at MRI and sneak a look at this airplane before we fly it to Lake Hood for float installation


super cub

dee deoudes dan's super cub rebuild

super cub rebuild

What a nice paint job!

Final Assembly And Systems Checkout This Week

April 13, 2011 by

After a few more days of rigging and final test, we may make the first flight around noon on WEDNESDAY.  In about a week the project will be flown to lake Hood for installation of the WIP 2100 floats at Floats Alaska.  You can visit DAN’S on Merrrill Field to get an advance view and buy a ticket

Alaska Airmen’s Raffle Project

March 26, 2011 by

PA 18 Super Cub

2011 Raffle Cub Assembly

It’s been a busy winter here at DAN’S. We’re about 80% finished with the raffle
Super Cub for the 2011 Trade Show. This year’s airplane will include Wipline floats and Landes skis, and is equipped with dozens of high-end parts and accessories from our many generous suppliers.

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