Annual Inspections & Routine Maintenance

Annual Inspections & Routine Maintenance

Our many years of Cub experience have shown that good regular maintenance is very important for aircraft operated off airports in the bush.

We know where to look for hidden damage that may often be caused operating on rough surfaces and many on our staff are themselves life-long experienced Cub pilots. We here at DAN’S AIRCRAFT have accumulated about 20,000 hours of Cub flight time in Alaska, and we all have our own off airport maintenance stories to share . We believe that flying these aircraft is an asset towards delivering high quality maintenance and repairs.

We are known for our meticulous record keeping and since we specialize in only one type aircraft, we are very familiar with all AD’s, Service Bulletins, and Third party improvements and modifications applicable to each model we service.

Many of the aircraft we service are 40-60 years old and many have received minimal maintenance and inspections. There are dozens of improvements and configuration updates that often can make big improvements in the operation and safety of these aircraft. At DAN’S AIRCRAFT we know where to locate all the information on upgrading these vintage planes.

We are certified to perform maintenance and inspections on Part 135 Air taxi aircraft and conformity inspections for 135 operation of Cubs is a service we offer.

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