First Flight of N1184C, the airmen’s raffle Cub!

This afternoon at about 4PM Pilot & Guide Dee Deoudes took off from  MRI in the first flight of  N1184C.   The half hour flight consisted of many touch & go’s and low passes down the center of the runway right in front of DAN’S shop.  A small audience of DAN’S crew and customers were delighted in the excellent performance of the airplane and its distinctive metallic green and gold paint scheme.  A couple of minor squawks will be addressed in the morning and we’ll be off  to get about 8 hours of break-in time logged.  I’ll probably go with Dee for a couple of photo trips and to check out all the electronics and instruments, then a couple of the other builders willget a little air time to check on their work.

Cub pilots and other raffle players are welcome to drop by DAN’S at MRI and sneak a look at this airplane before we fly it to Lake Hood for float installation


super cub

dee deoudes dan's super cub rebuild

super cub rebuild

What a nice paint job!

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