The 2011 Aviation Trade Show

Dan Hollingsworth, owner of DAN’S AIRCRAFT REPAIR

Trade Show Visitors awaiting the BIG DRAWING


Jim Sitkiewicz, 2010 winner, DRAWS THE TICKET!!!

The 2011 Aviation Trade Show was a big success for everybody in attendance. The Airmen’s Association sold almost all of their raffle tickets, lots of good company was had by all the visitors who often see each other only once or twice a year, and a lucky Massachusetts guy won a GREAT airplane. It was especially a good weekend for us here at DAN’S AIRCRAFT …..We received a lot of nice compliments about this year’s Cub Project and we had a chance to see many of our customers from out of state as well from here in Alaska.

DAN’S AIRCRAFT would like to thank all the suppliers who generously donated a lot of expensive components and hardware for this project. We will feature many of them in this blog in the near future.


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