Custom Restoration

Custom Restoration

DAN’S AIRCRAFT REPAIR specializes in the restoration of Piper fabric covered aircraft, primarily Cubs and PA-12’s. We also occasionally restore other fabric aircraft, including Aviat Huskys and Arctic Terns. Each year we completely restore 2 to 4 aircraft from the frame up, including fuselage welding, wing repairs and rebuilding, and custom paint, powder coating and interior finishing. Most of our restoration projects include custom instrument panels, avionics, and on-panel electrical systems, as well as many of our in-house field approvals and STC modifications. Restorations generally take 600-800 man hours and 6 months or more to complete. In addition to complete restorations, we do many major repairs during each year including powerplant & cylinder replacement, welding, fabric, and extensive wing and fuselage rework.

A typical restoration project begins with an evaluation of the airplane and completion of a work sheet detailing all repairs needed and the owner’s preferences for options. The airframe will have fabric stripped off and will be completely disassembled down to the bare fuselage tubing. All removed parts are cleaned, blasted and either powder coated or epoxy primed. The frame is checked for rust and damage and tubing replaced as required. Wing and landing gear attachments are repaired and bushed, as needed. If required, the frame will be put in our fuselage jig and straightened to new dimensions and alignment. After all welding repairs and modification are completed, the frame is sandblasted and powder coated before reassembly.

Wings and controls are stripped of fabric, and inspected completely. All cables and wear parts in wings are normally replaced, and wooden tip bows and damaged leading edge sections are replaced. Fuel tanks are removed, cleaned and leak tested.

Complete restorations generally also include:

  • Boot cowl and firewall
  • Cowling
  • New hardware
  • Glass
  • Engine, accessories and baffling
  • Prop, refinish or replace
  • Working and professional guide aircraft as well as one of a kind custom built recreational aircraft

In addition to hundreds of private pleasure aircraft clients inside Alaska, we have many customers in the commercial area, including professional guides and lodges and state and federal agency aircraft. We also have assisted in building and servicing some of the most unusual experimental Cubs. We have also done major restorations for many clients outside Alaska.

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